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Patient Education

Comprehensive, Easy-to-Use Patient Education Materials
The Patient Education materials available on this web site will tell you everything you need to know about your condition, recommended procedures and proper rehabilitation. Clearly-written descriptions as well as professional medical illustrations and animations make even the most complicated condition or procedure understandable for patients.

To access this information, click the appropriate link in the upper-right corner of this screen. On the ensuing page you will find a list of links in the center of the screen directing you to a comprehensive description of your condition.


Trial Information:

Meniscal Implant in Subjects Undergoing Partial Medial Meniscectomy (Reminisc) - (Study Closed)

Mobile Bearing Arm of Vanguard Prosthesis - Biomet Trial (Study Closed)

DeNovo NT Articular Cartilage Restoration - Zimmer Trial (Study Closed)

DeNovo ET Articular Cartilage Restoration - Zimmer Trial (Study Closed)

Chondrofix Trial - Zimmer Trial (Study Closed)

The NuTech Affinity Membrane Product Evaluation for the Treatment of Chondral Defects - NuTech Trial (Open Enrollment)

An Investigation of ReNu™ Knee Injection: Monitoring the Response of Knee Function and Pain in Patients with Osteoarthritis - NuTech Trial (Enrollment Closed)

Post-Market, Longitudinal Data Collection Study of DeNovo® NT for Articular Cartilage Defects of the Knee - Zimmer Trial (Enrollment Closed)

A Stratified, Post-Market Study of DeNovo® NT for Treatment of Femoral and Patellar Articular Cartilage Lesions of the Knee (Enrollment Closed)

Persona Partial Knee Clinical Outcomes Study - Zimmer Trial (Open Enrollment)
Link: The objective of this study is to obtain clinical performance (outcomes) data and survivorship for the commercially available Persona Partial Knee. This will be done by analysis of validated outcome measurement tools, radiographs and adverse event data (Zimmer, Personal Partial Knee Protocol, 2016).

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