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Care of the Ankle after Surgery
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Post-Op Care
The protocols described here are general in nature. Every human being and every surgery is different so the information given here is for general guidance only. If you have questions you should contact us.

Ankle Arthroscopy

Day 1
When you are discharged from the day surgery unit you will be taken to the car in a wheel chair. You should have your crutches in the car to help you get from the car to your home.

Begin taking liquids and food as soon as you can. You should always take some solid food, a sandwich or light meal, a little while before taking your pain medications.

We will start you with crutches but you can work your way off of them when your pain and stability allow. You may find that after you have been up on crutches for a while you have increased pain and tightness in your ankle. That is an indication that you should get off of your feet and get your ankle above your heart. Icing your knee may help provide some relief. You can get up and go again when your swelling and pain decrease. Each day you should be able to do a little more and have to spend less time with your leg elevated.

Day 2
Things are much the same on the second day after your surgery. Usually you have less pain and feel like being up more. You can remove the dressings at about 48 hours after your surgery. It is OK to shower and wash the incisions with soap and water. There is no need to cover the incisions. Do not soak the ankle as in a bathtub. After you dry your knee you can cover the incisions with band-aids. If you feel that the pain medication you were given after surgery is stronger than you really need you can switch to ibuprophen or Tylenol.

Approximately Day 7
We will see you back about one week after your surgery and remove your stitches. We will review with you what was done in surgery ad will talk about rehab and answer any questions you may have. The next follow up after the sutures are out will be about week five or six after your surgery. For many people this is the last visit.

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